Pub Editor ($9.99)

PUB Editor is a must-have app for anyone who reads, edits, or converts Microsoft Office Publisher document on Mac. It allows you to edit publisher document with text, image, shape and table, or insert new text, image, table and shape( line, dashed line, curve, rectangle, round rectangle, oval, triangle, diamond, pentagon, circle, arrow, star, etc. ). Moreover, PUB Editor is the best choice for reading or printing on your Mac. PUB Editor provides the best experience for reading, editing & converting of PUB documents. You can open various .pub files of Microsoft Office Publisher, PUB Editor can support all kinds of different versions. With PUB Editor Pro you can: - Read document - Each PUB document page will be processed with high accuracy, almost all of the document original format and layout can be kept successfully, you can easily view it from one page to another. PUB Editor supports page zoom in/out and rotate. - Edit document - PUB Editor supports the text, shape, image and table editing, and it also allows you insert new text, shape, image and table. You can create rich text and table, You can change the text font, color and so on, change these style can be from the application format menu or table menu. - Full compatible with MS Publisher table element PUB Editor has the best table component, it is full compatible with publisher table element, you can easily add row/column, delete row/column, resize row/column, merge cells, unmerge cells, edit text, change font, fill color, change table style and so on. - Advanced WMF/EMF graphic renderer WMF/EMF is exclusive image format on Windows, PUB Editor Pro can fully draw if document has them. - Save as PUBX(.pubx) document - PUBX document is an excellent file format, you can save your document at any time. This kind of document can be reopened by our App on Mac, iPad and iPhone, so you can reuse it. - Rotate text and image PUB Editor can easily rotate text and image.